Who Says You Cannot Come Home


There is a saying that says, once you leave your hometown you really cannot come back, nothing will be the same. I can contest to the fact that you can come back, however, things may not be exactly the same, if God is in it, it will work.

My story started many years ago, but before I begin, let me give you a bit of a backstory. I was born in A small Midwestern town, before the hospital closed their maternity ward. My parents brought me home to this little house

My Very First Home…. Now I own it.
I grew up here and loved my little life I had. My best friend lived just down the road and we were always together. I had to move away, because well life happened. It was the mid-eighties and the country was in a recession and factories were closing and moving out of the country and business were in financial crisis. I was twelve or thirteen at the time and I was excited about the new adventure, yet scared and sad at the same time.


We moved down south, first Florida, then South Carolina. I am not saying I did not like living there because that would be a lie. It was great being in the sun, have little to any winter (I am not a fan of cold weather) and I was able to visit many different places. However, I always longed to be back in my hometown. I came back to visit often and each time my heart ached. I always vowed that someday I would come back, and many people told me, you cannot go back home. I being who I am, I did not listen. I moved back to My hometown four years ago this month, and today on June 10th 2016 I became a homeowner. This is not just a home, I bought, it is the very same home I grew up in as a child.

This journey started back in February of this year, a simple phone call from my mother telling me that this place was for sale. I was so excited to hear this, but disappointed as well because I really did not think I was in a position to buy. I did not think my credit was good enough, but something just kept pulling at my heart and I prayed about it and decided to try for a preapproval loan. Surprisingly, I was approved. Little did I know that this journey I just stepped upon would be so stressful and unnerving. It started off easy, pulling me in, wanting it so much. I get the paperwork completed and then the issues kept popping up. One right after the other, to finally, after being told I was approved and I was heading to the next step I was told I did not make enough money and I needed a co-signer to move forward. This devastated me, my heart was broken. I wanted to ask my parents, but at the same time I did not want to put them in that position. My mother happened to call that night I got the news and I could not hide my disappointment. As a mother, she read right through my words and so I began to cry and told her all about it. We talked for a while and then we said our goodbyes. I said a prayer and then went on with my nightly routine. Thirty minutes or so later my mother called again and told me she and my father would co-sign for the loan. God had answered my prayer, he is always there for me and knows what is best. The bible states, “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you, John 15:7. I had a dream and it seemed to be coming true.

I do not understand why, but I know there is always a reason and it is always in God’s time, and his time is always on time. There were more issues that popped up yet again, but I kept the faith and let God handle it. I did all I could, and if it was going to happen then it was going to happen. I could not change anything. The closing just kept getting pushed back further and further. The loan company got on my last nerve, every time they pushed the closing date backed they had to redo paperwork and then that would take time to finalize. I had four different closing dates, and just when I felt it was not going to happen, God made it happen.

This process may not have been on my time frame, but God’s timing is always perfect, “For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under the heavens, Ecclesiastes 3:1. Never under estimate the power of the Lord. His Will, will always be done. Psalm 27:14, “Wait for the Lord; and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”. Although, I was getting frustrated I always kept my faith.

Today was a very monumental day for me, I signed about a million pages and handed over a lot of money, but in the end I received the keys to my very first house. Literally my very first house. I did come home and though it was not easy at first, there were many struggles that came my way, but I am glad I made the choice to move back. Four years ago this week I moved here to get a new start, find myself, and this week I began a new journey as a homeowner.


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