Evening walk in the Park

Rogier Park     Last night I went out for my evening walk, I did my usual route, I walked the trail at the local park. I love this route it is so quiet and it just feels nice being surround by the flowers and trees. As I stepped onto the path I donned on my headphones and cued up my tunes and began my step journey. My goal, to get as many steps in on my Fitbit as I could before the end of the night. I have been part of these challenges that gets me motivated to get out and move. I started out, music playing, looking around and I see many people were at the park tonight. I see a party that was set up in the pavilion, children laughing and playing. There is no care in the world for them, a carefree life. As I passed the party I then saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand, I noticed the woman had a cane and between each bench they would stop and she would rest a bit. I do not know her story; I just saw the love between them. I quietly passed them and headed around the turn and there I saw a man walking his well-behaved dog, this dog had focus and never veered off the trail; only wagged his tail slightly as I passed. There were more kids playing on the playground equipment while parents watched. This made me think about when I was a little girl and my mom would take my sister and I to this very same park and allow us to play, and some of the equipment is the same as it was 30 some years ago.

walking trail   I continued on the trail and followed it on through another section of the park, I walked down the hill, under the bridge where trains used to utilize often. The smell of the trains still lingers, there is a small stream that flows through the park as well. As I walk along the paved path, still listening to my music, my mind wanders. Often times I am in awe of the wonders that God has created. Spring is such a refreshing time of year, a new start, new beginnings, a clean slate. Spring also brings storms and rain showers, and because of the storms and rain showers we are left with new life, flowers begin to grow and sprout. The animals are producing new life and babies are born.gophers Everything is done right on time and so naturally. This is what prompts me to remember the words that God spoke, in times of rough waters keep your eyes on the Lord. In Matthew 14:28, Jesus had sent his disciples out on the water, and a big storm was brewing, in the distance the disciples saw a shadowy figure they were frighten. Jesus spoke, “Take courage it is I, do not be afraid.” Peter replied, “Lord if it is you, tell me to come onto the water.” Jesus did so and Peter stepped onto the water and he was walking on water as well. Peter got frighten and took his eyes off  Jesus and immediately began to sink.

jesus and peter    Just like spring, life will bring rain showers, some will be big others will be small either way God is there through it all. Always remember that you are always safe with God, Psalms 46:1. Psalms 107:29, He calmed the raging storm and the waves became quiet. He will do that for us in our daily lives.

In conclusion, a simple walk in the park turned into deep thought and an adventure in my mind.


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