Rainy Days Make for a Gloomy Day

I woke up this morning excited. I am going to a St Louis Cardinals game, celebrating my husband’s 45 birthday. I got the tickets a month ago and they are really awesome seats, the best I have ever sat in; two sections behind first base. Todd does not know where we are sitting, said he wanted it a surprise. I cannot wait to see his face when he finds out where he is sitting. 

My excitement faded away when I heard the rain hitting the roof, what is supposed to be a fun day Will turn into a wet icky day.  I wanted a sunny warm baseball game, and what I get is the opposite. 

I will no doubt still enjoy the game because face it, it is a Cardinals game and I will be spending it with my beloved husband. 

We are going to go eat a special seafood lunch in Edwardsville.  I will let everyone know how that turns out. I love me some shrimp. 

I am hoping that just because the day started off gloomy that it will end amazing. 

Thank you God for allowing us to he able to go and enjoy the day with each other. 


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